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Bumping Up Security in WordPress

Well that was quick, summer is almost over. Fall is around the corner, which means back to school, fall broadcast season starts, and of course the 2011 Toronto International Film Festival. With such a hecktate schedule beginning now is a good time to take a closer look at security on your wordpress site. WordPress is a great tool for blogging or showing your work. It does not require you to be a webmaster to publish articles. But if you happen to be on on a self hosted site, then it sort of does. What I mean by this , is it really up to you to maintain security from malicious software code infecting your site.   To bump up security on your wordpress site, here are some of my top suggestions. Delete Admin Account This one is crucial, as every wordpress site comes with a default admin account. If you don’t delete it, you are giving hackers 50% of what they need to know already to hack your site. There are programs  that will automatically figure out what your password is.  Deleting the admin account is easy as making another account, and then assigning the new user with administrator rights. Then sign in as the new user and delete the admin account. Passwords Now I know this seems very obvious, but you would not believe how many of my...

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2011 TIFF Pub Night

TIFF is fast approaching which means it’s time for annual TIFF Pub Night. Every year I team up with the Art of the Guillotine to host a fantastic Pub Night filled with plenty of prizes and giveaways. Every year with we have a wonderful turn out with actors, editors, producers, and directors from broadcast to film. These include the likes of CTV, MTV, Teletoon, Corus, Astral, Bell Media, Tattersall, and Technicolor. Be sure to come out and enjoy the evening, plus there are plenty of prizes to be won during the raffle. If you missed last year’s event, be...

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Speed vs Features for Back to School PC Shopping

As the new fall school year fast approaches, many students have been asking me about  which laptops within their price range would be great for post-production and film-making.  There seems to be some confusion about weather it is better to get a faster laptop or more fully featured laptop. When working in film making and post-production actually both can be equally important.  What do I mean by this? Well simply put If you purchase a slower PC, but features the faster USB 3.0 connection or even Intel’s new Thunderbolt technology… You may be able to connect to faster raids for editingHD footage, however the trade off would be slower performance at the core, which leads to longer render and transcoding times. If possible you are always better off spending a more on a fully featured laptop with an Intel i5 or i7 chipset. Also a PC or Mac with either USB 3.0, FW800 or even the latest connection Thunderbolt. I personally also prefer a laptop with an Express-card Slot as I often work with Sony’s SxS XDCam footage. Not only will this make your school year easier to work with, but the laptop will also last you much longer as opposed to the 299 PC’s of ten advertised.     Both my PC and Mac are Intel i7’s which makes them blazingly fast to edit with either at home on...

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CCE Pub Night + Q.A. with Mike Lee & Jeff Wollnough

Tonight the Candian Cinema Editors is having a pub night, they have combined it with a great Q+A with editor Mike Lee C.C.E. (editor of “Flashpoint”, “ZOS: Zone of Separation”) and director Jeff Woolnough (“Bones”, “The Vampire Diaries”) will be on hand to screen scenes from the award-winning “Keep Your Head Up Kid, The Don Cherry Story” . They will be on hand to answer your burning questions, and best of all admittance is free. Come join us for some drinks and mental stimualtion. C.C.E. members will receive a complimentary beverage.   Location: Skal Bar – 474 Adelaide St. E. Toronto, ON August 15th, 2011 – 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm. Free Admission! View Larger Map Online Red Doors hd Download Miss Congeniality 2 Armed and Fabulous dvd Online Charlies Angels Full Throttle download Download Khartoum watch Watch The Devils Of Monza movies Magia nuda aka Mondo Magic movie online Cedar Boys Download Kramer vs Kramer Download online Download Bringing Out the Dead Watch The Magic Roundabout movie...

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Tips for shooting in the Midday Sun

Shooting films in midday is not really a great idea. The harsh sunlight often blows subjects out or leaves your entire image looks flat, and uninteresting. However, often due to time constrains we have to shoot in midday sunlight, and here are some tips I have used to get the most of the situation. ISO   Using the lowest possible setting with ISO is a very good idea. Basically ISO controls how sensitive your camera is to light. the higher the number such as 3200 the more sensitive to light it becomes. Selecting at least an ISO of 100 will help keep your images from completely blowing out.   F-Stops   F-Stops are a great way to light. I always underexpose in bright midday sun by at least 1 full stop. By keeping any eye on your light meter and stopping down an extra f-stop,this helps ensure you get all the detail in a shot. Then later you can always color grade the shot in post. This will also prevent any overexposure of your subject.   Umbrella   Using a bounce or a reflector or even an everyday umbrella is a great way to either fill in or reduce the amount of light falling on your subject. Ideally we just move into a shadier spot, but that’s not always the case. Thus using an umbrella is a great way...

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