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iPhone 4 film

Since the debut of the Apple iPhone 4 with its ability to captue 720p 24F footage, film makers have started shooting with it.  There have been some excellent short films shot on the iPhone 4 that have peeked my interest. I shot...

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Day Timelapse

Recently I acquired an interval time for my Canon 7D, and began taking time-lapse of various locations across the GTA.  Being that I have shot timelapse before on 35mm film, I was again addicted to this format. The interval...

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C.C.E. Pub Night

A few weeks ago the Canadian Cinema Editors (C.C.E.) held another one of their film screenings. The film screened was District 9, followed by a question and answer period with Oscar Nominated Editor Julian Clarke C.C.E....

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Film: Quiet Night

Well I had just got a new Canon EF 50mm f1.8 II for my Canon 7D.  I wanted to test out its abilities and limitations.  Therefore a night on the town was the only way.  The  film was shot handheld and the only support was my...

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Film: Vice

This new film “Vice” was shot in order to push the limits of the Canon 7D, and the abilities of the with 17-40mm L glass f/4. in low light situations. This film was shot in the early evening hours into the night....

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Film: Overcast 7D

Excited by our recent acquisition the  Canon 7D, and eager to head out and do some testing.  We shot a short film shot on an overcast day in winter. The camera armed with the 17-40mmL f/4 proved to be an incredible  piece of...

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