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Excited by our recent acquisition the  Canon 7D, and eager to head out and do some testing.  We shot a short film shot on an overcast day in winter. The camera armed with the 17-40mmL f/4 proved to be an incredible  piece of gear. the images it captured simply are outstanding for something that cost so little. Given that is also has the ability for multiple frame rate captures, this seems to give the 7D a slight edge over the Canon 5D.  However the Canon 5D will out perform the 7D in low light due to its larger sensor.

If you were hesitant about grabbing a 7D, don’t be this is an fantastic filmmakers tool.

* Update the Canon 5D now supports multiple frame rates aswell.

Shot on Canon 17-40mm L glass.  Using Manfrotto Tirpod 503 head.

Overcast with 7D from Tej Babra on Vimeo.

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