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Pro Fusion Expo is upon us this week, with has special guest speakers, and workshops. One of the guest is none other than film guru and DSLR film making pioneer Philip Bloom. Before Philip’s arrival, he had asked me to put together a meet up of local film makers, despite his hectiate schedule. The event was held last night at Casey’s, where we all able to share stories on film making workflow’s and various gear.   Not only was Philip gracious enough to share his time with us, he brought along some of his own gear to share. These included his Canon 5D MKII, Zacuto fast draw, and  to everyone’s surprise his latest acquisitions the Kessler Pocket Dolly 2, and a Sony  point and shoot with full wide screen HD recording.   Many people were happy to get a “hands on” feel for the gear.

Another  suprise last night was the intresting gear brought in by Eric Diosay. Eric had brought in his very own self built DSLR rig. The rig included a Marshall 70xPHDMI, Follow Focus, Giottos Ballhead, Matte Box, Zoom H4N, and a Zacuto Zwing Away, all fitted to a handheld rig. Unbelivable! Even Philip was quick to pick it up to try it out, although he did note that rig becomes heavy after some substantial time.

Towards the end of evening Philip was more than happy to give an interview to Dave from interview which should be up soon.

The event was hugely successful, and everyone had a great time sharing and learning from Philip Bloom.

Be sure to check out the pictures & film below of this fantastic event.

Special Thanks to Christopher Drost for helping organize this event. Be sure to check out the pictures of Chris’s very large lens he brought with him.  Words just don’t do it justice.

* Update Preston Kanak has put together a rough cut of the footage from the meet up with Philip Bloom. The footage was shot on Eric Diosay’s rig for the Canon 5D. This was shot by various people during the evening, myself included. Take a look and enjoy.

The Meet Up from Preston Kanak on Vimeo.

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