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Many of you are now familiar with various break out boxes and network servers that handle all of your ingest needs from companies such as Matrox, Avid, and even Apple. Well I thought I would take some time this week to discuss a network storage solution from Telestream known as Pipeline.

The device is a network based video capture and play out device for moving SD & HD SDI video & audio in and out of Mac & PC file-based workflows. The SD model encodes to DV25, DVCPRO25, IMX, ProRes 422 and MPEG-2 I-frame. The HD model encodes to these plus DNxHD, DVCPRO HD and ProRes 422 HQ formats. Prices varies depending on your needs from $1950 to $9950.

Set up of the device is relatively the same as setting up a VTR Deck. I simply connected to my Kona card and it began to work flawlessly. The device allows you to transcode to, or use several different codecs for editing, from DVC Pro to DNxHD to Pro Res, using their Episode encoder program.

Where this device really excels is its ability to work in a networked environment with multiple editors are required. If you are familiar with working with networked Avid’s then you will be right at home as the system works similarly. If you have never worked it a network environment picking it up is very easy. You can ingest, print to tape, insert edit, assemble edit or manually play out SD or HD QuickTime files to tape.

The Pipeline also allows you to capture and edit breaking news, allows for smart encoding to Final Cut Pro bins, and create Avid based MXF files. There is no need to wait for a batch capture. This saves you a lot of time and money.

The device itself comes equipped depending on the model with either Single SDIs or Dual HD-SDI ports. They are also equipped with Ethernet ports, RS-422 ports, allowing you to connect to virtually any network with ease.

Pipeline is fantastic piece of hardware that has been used by several broadcast companies such as ABC, BBC and Techniclcor to name a few. It is a fantastic boon to editing in a fast paced multiple editors scenario. It very fast and efficient and the ability to capture natively into Avid or FInal Cut is wonderful not to mention the ability to begin editing and not have to wait for a batch capture.


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