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Recently I acquired an interval time for my Canon 7D, and began taking time-lapse of various locations across the GTA.  Being that I have shot timelapse before on 35mm film, I was again addicted to this format. The interval timer I picked up was one not the Canon, but a Chinese knock off. These Chinese ones can be bought for as little as 25 bucks compared to the Canon at nearly $400 Canadian. Not really sure why Canon’s is priced so high, it could be the build quality. As the Chinese ones are very fragile, one good drop and its toast.  However you really do pay for what you get! I personally bought a couple of these and I am very happy with them.

Here is a picture of the one I am currently using that I purchased off of Amazon.

Time-lapse takes a lot of patients, and may  not always come out  the way you plan it.  However, a little effort can go along way. Below is my initial time-lapse off my Canon 7D. It was shot with my 50mm, and my 17-40mm lens. Enjoy.

Day from Tej Babra on Vimeo.

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