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This week’s blog is a little out of the ordinary. This past weekend I was involved in an exciting film festival know as the 48 Hour Film Project. The premise is basically given a genere, a prop, and a line of dialogue, that must all be used. Then you have 48 hours to go from idea, to script, to shoot, to edit. It may sound tight, but it is a lot of fun


Our team known as Team Mycroft was assembled with Producers, Director, Writers,  Camera men, Audio, PA, Actors, Props, and most important Catering.  As people discovered their tasks, I was preparing my edit suite for the task of cutting this film. However, I was surprised to discover I was assigned as the DOP.  Given  the time constraints I thought for sure I was the editor on this film, but being the DOP was just as exciting to me.  Although I was a little  ancy… a good friend Jesse Averna ( an Editor from New York)  gave some great advice “ your post skills will make you a better DOP.”

While shooting the film, I found myself trying to get shots I would love to have as the editor of this film. There was even a few moment where my mind was churning away and the director would look over at me and shout ” Tej its a short film! ” Reminding me our time constraints. It was extremely funny on set.

Once shooting was wrapped, I started to convert the files from the Canon 7D to back up drives for the edit. I also gave a crash course on working with our multiple formats in post to the director, just to ensure the edit would go smoothly. However the editor in me could not help but feel slightly concerned about the edit would turn out.

The next day the edit was in full swing gear and with the clock ticking down, I started to receive phone calls regarding issues that were popping up with Final Cut Pro. Thanks to modern technology (Screen Captures) I was able to visually see the problems and reconstruct the issue in my own edit suite. Once I determined the problem I was able walk the director, now editor through the various steps to get him back to editing ASAP.

Working on this film was a great experience with a wonderful team. The time constraints really forces you to be on top of your game, and be very creative. IF you ever get the opportunity to work on a film challenge, you should do so! You will not only learn new things, but you will also learn more about your own abilities. Be prepared to wear multiple hats to help make the film a reality.

Now I await in anticipation for our screening this Thursday of “Fight like a Man”


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