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Since the debut of the Apple iPhone 4 with its ability to captue 720p 24F footage, film makers have started shooting with it.  There have been some excellent short films shot on the iPhone 4 that have peeked my interest.

I shot some initial footage, in daylight conditions. I was very impressed by the images, and even more impressive is the ability to compress the video on the phone and email out. This could be used in various situations,  including location scouting.

Floored by the ability to shot and compress video on my phone. I shot a small film in low light setting to really see what the iPhone is capable of.

Below you can see a short film I shot on the Apple iPhone 4, and in case you were wondering… this footage has no way been graded, or color corrected by any means. This is straight raw footage.

Graceful Waltz from Tej Babra on Vimeo.

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