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Looking back at 2010, it was not only a year filled with many gigs, but also many events and most importantly, meeting wonderful people.  2010 has to be without a doubt one of the most outstanding years to have come in along time. I have had the opportunity to work with some extraordinary people, and met some of the industries finest has to offer. Whether it was having drinks with the DSLR guru Philip Bloom or interviewing one of the greatest film editors of our time Walter Murch. It was truly a year to remember, therefore I though I would share with you some of the highlights  from 2010.

Being a member of the Canadian Cinema Editors (CCE) has provided me with a place to discuss and interact with other editors. The CCE have also given me the opportunity to cover their film screenings. These events are usually followed up with a question and answer period with the Editor of the film. A screening that stands out the most is “District 9” followed by a Q+A with Oscar nominated editor Julian Clarke C.C.E.

I was honored to cover the event, but the icing on the top was after the event. The C.C.E  hosted an after screening party at a local pub. There I was able to discuss editing workflows with Julian, and over coming complications in post while on set of District 9.

The CCE continued on strong throughout the year and game me another opportunity to lead a workshop at Ryerson University.  The workshop was titled “Everything to do with Codecs”.  The class consisted on codec definition to working with Avid’s DNxHD, to Apple’s Pro Res. The workshop’s was filled with beginners to senior editors, and was a resounded success.

2010 also came with visits from DSLR Guru Philip Bloom. Philip passed through Toronto not once but 3 times this past year. Philip Bloom has travelled all across North America, Europe and Asia teaching workshops on film making using various techniques.  During his visits to Toronto, Philip gave some of his time to meet with film makers across the GTA. I helped organize the events, where we were able to have drinks, tested out gear, and discuss workflows. A wonderful time was had by all.


T Roberts, Hybrid Filmmaker, Biz guy interested in all things Film. T Roberts interviews  people in Film, TV, Web filmmakers and Media people.  He has also interviewed people in film such as the famous DP Rodney Charters ASC, CSC. Thomas Robert contaced me through my twitter and asked to interview me for his illustrious podcast.  I humblely agreed and you can here the podcast below.  Thomas has become a good colleague since then, and we are looking to work on some future projects together later in 2011.

The year coninuted with another interview by Post Magazine. I was contacted by multiple Emmy Award – winning Editor Jonathan Moser. Jonathan Moser informed me that he wished to interview me for Post Magazine, one of the leading magazines covering the field of Editing and Post – Production. Feeling very honored, I graciously accepted. This was a real honor to be mentioned in such an illutrous magazine. I am still overjoyed by the event.


As TIFF 2010 rolled out the red carpet this past September, the Art of The Guillotine, along with my own Tej’s Tech Blog hosted the annual TIFF Night. The event brings together people from film and broadcast from all aspects of production and post-production. Attendees included people from New York, CTV, CBC, Global, MTV, Much Music, Teletoon, Corus, and Bell just to name a few.

The event was sponsored by the Canadian Cinema Editors, and Stella Artois. Prizes were generously donated by the Art of the Guillotine, Tej’s Tech blog, and the grand prize was a gift certificate donated by Vistek. The Event was huge success, with a fantastic turn out. It was bigger and better than the year before. To check out the whole story click the image below.


Towards the end of the year Toronto’s Bell Light Box held a screening of Apocalypse Now Redux.  The Special Guest was one of the cinema’s greatest film editors, film theorists and film artists, the legendary Walter Murch. Mr Murch was on hand to discuss his collaboration with Francis Ford Coppola and the remaking of their milestone war epic into its newly expanded form.

While Mr. Murch was in town,  I was contacted by the Art of The Guillotine to shoot an exclusive interview him. I jumped at the opportunity to meet the legendary film editor in person.  This day was truly day I wil  never forget! To meet a childhood idle, and be able to disucs post production workflows with him was just a real treat. To see the Exlsuive video interview click the image below.


At the end of the year I was conatced by Intel Canada to be one of the Judges for their “Get In to Win Contest,” on their Facebook Page with over $20,000 in prizes. In addition Intel Canada brought me on board to be an Intel Insider. To help give you tips and answer your questions regarding tech, photography, and film making.

It has been a year filled with fantastic events, happenings,  people from all across the industry.  Looking back I can honestly say I could not have predicted such a illustrious year. It has definitely been a year to remember.   I can only imagine what 2011 will bring…

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