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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and lovers everywhere are getting prepared for their day with their significant other.

Often we rely on the common gift ideas of roses, chocolate or even a fancy dinner.  However, for those of you wishing to stand out from the crowd, here are some great ideas using video to serenade your Valentine.

Serenade her with a video message.

People having been serenading and using music as a method of conveying their feelings for centuries.  People all across the world have spent many late nights beneath the windows, singing love songs to covey their undying love.  Times have changed since then, we now have modern tools to help convey your love to your valentine. By using a simple webcam, or camcorder you can easily record yourself singing the latest love songs.

Once you have recorded it, you can simply use your PC to copy the file to a USB stick and then wrap it up in a cute gift box. If you are a little braver, and you can always connect the thumb drive to the television and pretend to sit down to watch a romantic movie.  Then present your beloved with the remote and say “ here honey you can have the remote”.  I am sure she will be in awe of that gesture alone. Then allow her to stumble upon the video.

You Tube Mash Up

If singing or being in front of the camera is really not your thing,  you can still convey your message by using a little creativity and fantastic website called Drag On Tape. This website allows you to create mixtape from your favorite scenes or music videos from You Tube and play them back seamlessly. The interface is simple and intuitive. You can search for your clips and then drag and drop clips into the timeline You can edit together a fantastic montage setting the mood for Valentine’s Day and then share it with your valentine through Facebook, or Twitter.

iPod &  iPhone 4

iPods and iPhones can be found everywhere, and I am sure many people will be getting one engraved from their valentines.  Before you hand over the iPod as a gift, loaded with some of her favorite music, be sure to add a video message you created either of the 2 options mentioned above, or with the iPods and iPhone’s HD 720p camera.

With the latest generation of iPods and the introduction of iPhone’s capability to record HD 720p footage, you can create your own serenade. After you finish recording a video of your love song, you can edit together the footage with transitions and photos to give it a more polished look. It’s really easy to do directly on the iPhone or iPod using a free app called Splice.  I’ll explain how this app works in “ iPhone Splice Editing.”


Whichever method you choose I am sure it will be a Valentine’s Day to remember. Giving a gift that’s is pleasing to the eyes, ears, and the heart is the reason why serenading your valentine works so well.

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