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A couple of weeks ago Intel introduced a new technology for I/O use and data back ups. If you missed that information you can read all about it here. Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of buzz regarding this new technology. Thunderbolt’s ability to transfer data at 10Gbs a sec while also giving you the ability to support HD displays simultaneously on the cable.

Many manufactures have jumped on board supporting raids, external hard drives and I/O’s, such as AJA, LaCie, and BlackMagic Design It would seem even camera manufactures are jumping on board with Nikon rumored to support Thunderbolt technology on the upcoming Nikon D4.

Thunderbolt technology will allow you to back up files, and perform spring cleaning on all systems. Transferring 4GB of files in seconds , making it faster than E-Sata, and USB 3.0.  Weather you have an video edit suite built on your Macbook Pro or a Photoshop suite on your PC, backing up and cleaning out your systems may no longer be extremely time consuming.

How fast is this new technology in the real world use?

Well rest assure I will be getting my hands on Thunderbolt technology real soon.  Look for that review on Tej’s Tech Blog. In the mean time, we can see in the video posted below how fast Thunderbolt works with Final Cut Pro.  Thunderbolt is able to transfer a 4.5GB file in just a few seconds, which great news for editors of RED files or even uncompressed 10 bit footage. At those speeds it makes FW800, E-Sata, and even USB 3.0 look really slow.  Using a daisy chain, Thunderbolt pulls files off the raid drives into the Macbook Pro,  then renders the files, and then pushes them back out to display on the monitor. Thunderbolt with Final Cut Pro pulls and streams 4 video layers to the monitor at 600mbs all at once. This looks outstanding, especially when working with multi-cam scenarios.

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