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Last year the Canadian Cinema Editors (C.C.E.) announced series of workshops covering a varity of topics in post-production. They lined up a great set of instructors currently working in the field to teach everything from the creative elements of storytelling in documentary and drama, through to the essential knowledge for many assistants and editors, codecs and colour correcting.

To see the summary of last years workshop click the link

Due to popular demand the workshops have returned this year.  I will be reprising my role as instructor for the workshop on “ Everything to do with Codecs” . Codecs can be one of the most confusing areas of film post. This workshop breaks down the codecs into manageable sizes of information, lossless vs. lossy, wrappers, and codec hierarchies to help build your knowledge of codecs and make you more efficient in the editing room. Learn the relation of codecs to web based media, broadcast media, and audio.

CDMP 602 Everything to do with Codecs
Duration: 7 Hours
Fee: $199* (HST Included)
Instructor: Tej Babra
April 30, 2011

***To sign up for the course click the link

Interviews with the Instructors

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