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Last week’s I discussed my favorite piece of gear the Canon 7D. This brought about several questions about camcorders and how to choose one.Well usually the simplest way to choose which digital video camcorder is to first figure out what you are going to shoot using the camcorder, and the next is what you want to do with the footage once you are done. This should also help dictate your budget.

Pocket Video Camcorders

These camcorders are small, portable and slip into you pocket. These are perfect for people who love to post videos on Youtube, and are perfect for the novice or beginner.

Pocket cameras such as the Sony Bloggie even have the ability to send to your Youtube channel, or Facebook built into the camera. Thus making it very simple to use with minimal effort. However, the downside is their image and audio quality is less than the larger hand-held camcorders.


Hand-Held Camcorders

These cameras are often full HD and capture much better picture and sound. Hand-held camcorders such as the Canon Vixia HF M300 also be played back on your HDTV via the HDMI port displaying brilliant high definition picture quality.

These cameras feature a better lens,  higher quality image senor, lowlight capabilities and image stabilization. This perfect for capturing birthdays, baby’s first steps, a friend’s wedding, and perfect to carry with you on vacations. Just remember to get one with a larger hard drive as HD does use up plenty of disk space.


Professional Camcorders

These cameras are perfect for the independent film maker, wedding videographer, or event videographer.  These cameras such as the Sony EX3, Canon XF 305 or  even Panasonic AF 100, often cost more but provide your with stunning images and audio support.  These professional camcorders also shoot at variable frame rates, have interchangeable lens and support for XLR inputs for professional audio.

These cameras are much larger and not very conducive for taking on vacation. These cameras are mainly designed for professional use, and it may be something you with to consider when looking at the type of shooting you will be doing.

Finally below is a short video explaining the benefits of shooting with a hand-held camcorder over a pocket camera such as the iPhone. It does a very good job in showing you the difference.

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