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We have all been amazed at the quality of the iPhone 4 video capabilities. Even I have been impressed by the quality and shot a short film with it.  Howver editing the footage for quick uploads usually means a trip into Final Cut Pro, or other iOS apps such as iMovie or even the free app Splice.  Once edited many users often chose Vimeo for sharing their short films.  Well Vimeo has now released a new app that allows you to view, share and edit your iPhone films for free, thus making iMovie really redundant.

The app has the ability to upload, edit and watch videos by anyone posted on Vimeo. It handles both SD and HD footage and provides you with a touch screen timeline.  You can even set In and Out points for edit, as well as insert clips from your library.

Easy To Use Video Editor

  • Capture video with focus control and grid alignment
  • Combine, edit, and trim your videos
  • Add transitions, titles, and effects
  • Add music and recordings
  • Control volume levels
  • Save edited videos to your camera roll or upload directly to Vimeo


The Vimeo app is very impressive indeed, it will become a fan favorite very quickly. With these new touch screen iOS apps for editing such as Splice and Vimeo, it only leaves one question. Will this become new technology basis that drives future of editing?

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