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Apple has finally given us a preview of the new Final Cut Pro X. It has been entirely re-written from the ground up. There are some fantastic new features added and you will be able to download it to your mac for the unbelievable price of only $299.



  • 64 bit native taking advantage of all the processors and ram available
  • New GUI and open CL
  • Resolution support up to 4K
  • All new Media Management.
  • Background ingest and rendering in the background.
  • Range based Keywords applying to individual clips.
  • Magnetic Timeline : sliding clips down the timeline and others clips simply move out of the way. No more sync issues.
  • Collapse edits into clips, ( nesting within the timeline )
  • Auditioning HUD for trying out your clips within the timeline, using a cover flow like interface.
  • audio syncing for DSLR media. ( similar to Plural eyes)
  • Range Slect tool allows for audio level gain control within the timeline.
  • Match Color tool for color matching and syncing clips.
  • People and shot detection
  • Shot Stabilization on ingest
Audio cleanup on ingest
  • Native support for DSLRs, AVCHD, GOPro’s
  • Pitch corrected audio skimming
  • View Keyframes within the timeline

*** Update sorry the video has been pulled.


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