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Now that we all have our fancy new gear, the temptation to simply run out and start shooting can be powerful. However, before you head out to have some fun there are some key things to remember before you start shooting. It does not matter if you are shooting stills or video these key things apply to both.

Location Choice


Choosing a location to shoot can be a difficult one, especially with all of our natural resources. When choosing your first location, try to choose one with easy access. The last thing you need is get lost in some woods with only your camera by your side. You may also want to consider staying at that one location. Professionals often shoot all of their shots or scenes in their one location fort he day.  This often means if you are shooting video, shooting scenes out of sequential order.  Not only is this cheaper in the long run, but forces you to be more creative and productive with your time.


Preparing Gear


Preparing for a shoot  in very important. Use a check list to make sure you have plenty of batteries, flash or tape media, and support gear. There is nothing worse than being on a shoot and running out of media, and then go hunting for a store. It’s a waste of time. I have a tendency to be prepared to shoot non-stop for up to 12 hours. ( A full Day)

Theme or Shot list


Creating a Shot list or theme is important as it keeps you focused on the task at hand. A shot list is a list that is comprised of various shots that must be taking through out the day. This will ensure you get the appropriate footage and not waste an entire day running around shooting a bunch of things you do not necessarily need.

Following these 3 key concepts will help ensure that not only you have a creative fun shoot, but you will also have a productive one. Now head out there and get shooting and don’t forget to submit your photos to Intel’s Facebook Page where you can enter the a contest to win over 15,000 in prizes and your chance to to have your very own dream cave.

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