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Post Chat is a weekly twitter script chat with post – production professionals on various topics such as technology, structure and theory. Each week the selected topic at hand will be discussed and argued. Local Guests will also be invited to chat with the panel and discuss the post-production field. Be sure to join us starting May 25th 2011 at 9pm EST and 6PM PST

Post Chat’s panel features established editors well as young professionals.

Jesse Averna

Jesse Averna is an Emmy Nominated editor which includes clients such as Disney, Warner Bros, ESPN, MTV, the Tony Awards, American Movie Classics,, PBS The News Hour, TED, New York Fashion Week, Music Choice, as well as international nonprofits. He also had the privilege of collaborating with Jim Henson,  SAG, and Stella Adler professionals. Last year, Jesse wrapped post production working as First Assistant Editor on Director Brad Anderson’s new feature, Vanishing On 7th Street. His most recent work has been as the Editor for Sesame Street this season and last. Follow him on twitter @Dr0id

Tej Babra

A film maker and editor based out of Toronto Canada, working with broadcast giants like CTV, MTV Canada, Much Music and Bell Media, as well as a variety of film production companies. As an associate member of the Canadian Cinema Editors, Tej Babra has lead various workshops and courses, on editing and advanced compression techniques at York University, Ryerson University and Optix. He has been interviewed for the industry leading magazine, Post Magazine. Tej Babra has also helped editors troubleshoot and improve their workflows from all across the globe, from giants such as the BBC,UK to Fox News, New York. Recently Tej Babra has been invited to become an Intel Advisor for Intel Canada Follow him on twitter@TejBabra

Gordon Burkell

Gordon has worked in the film industry and as a film editor for 15 years. He started Art of the Guillotine in 2007 to help build a community for editors and to create a vehicle to help editors and film academics share their knowledge and expertise to improve the art form. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada where he edits and teaches film editing at Ryerson University.  This summer he will be editing a feature documentary on the life of Chinese immigrants living in Trinidad. Follow him on twitter @artguillotine

Tyler Leisher

Tyler Leisher is a 24-year old aspiring writer and director of films, commercials, web content and television shows. Tyler has a passion for good storytelling and a penchant for post-production, ranging from editorial to visual effects. Tyler strongly believes in the power the edit has over the story, utilizing it as the final rewrite process. As a director, he brings the knowledge and experience from the other side of the edit bay to the table Tyler is currently developing his directorial portfolio which includes spec commercials, short films and music videos. Follow him on twitter@TyLeisher

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