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Technology is constantly changing within the production field. As technology get cheaper , it brings with it more powerful and bigger cameras to the hands of the independent film maker. This is great as we are now becoming more content driven. Emerging from all of this technology and content have arrived new techniques. Here are 3 emerging techniques to get familiar with.

Technicolor CineStyle

DSLR Filmmaking took the industry by storm. Many people grabbed on a developed their own techniques and profiles. Recently one of the oldest and largest film production houses Technicolor introduced CineStyle for the Canon DSLR community. This downloadable profile installs on your Canon 5D, 7D and set a profile thats gives not only more latitude for grading but better optimizes the dynamic range in the image by leveraging the capabilities of the Canon imaging chipset. You can download it here.



iPhone 4 Filmmaking

iPhone 4 filmmaking has also become extremely popular. The iPhone 4 touts a 720p video image that can be used to make some fantastic films. Along with the power of the Apple Apps Store, independent filmmakers are able to create films from the popular time-lapse to short features.


3D Filmmaking


Now this one everyone including Hollywood seems to be jumping on.  True 3D filmmaking is a labour of love. This usually takes a great deal of time. James Cameron’s Avatar took nearly 13 years to produce. However technology is changing and we are seeing cheaper solutions in the hands of the independent filmmaker. From using small Flip HD cameras pasted together to the larger offerings from Panasonic, and with the industry hungry for this content it is something  worth taking a second look at.


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