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The IIFA ( International Indian Film Academy) awards show has landed in Toronto.  The weekend is filled with events celebrating the festival.  Bollywood’s biggest names have all arrived to celebrate and participate in the prestigious awards show. In case you are unfamiliar what this means, think of it as the Indian Academy Awards show. IIFA has brought nearly 40,000 people from across the globe including various press and media.  With an expected worldwide audience of  700 million.  I am busy covering the events and I thought I would give you some of my tips to get the most out of star gazing Bollywood.




Make sure you are armed with a fully charged camera, plenty of memory,  and several batteries. There is nothing worse than running  power while Shah Rukh Khan makes his appearance.  I perosnally perfer to arm myself tonight with my Canon 5D MKII and Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L IS USM Lens. The lens is important not only is it capable of zooming in tight, but having a fast lens means I continue shooting has lights dim.  Using the 5D MKII also means I have the ability to switch to video at any given time, an added bonus.




Make sure you are there early as events including show as the show fills up fast. Tickets for the awards show sold in minutes. Although I believe there are some nose bleeds left.  Find your good elevated spot with a good location to catch the stars and be ready. Being higher than the crowd or ahead of the crowd can prove to be very useful.




Now this may seem silly, but is often overlooked. Dress for success as they say, but at the same time appropriate shoes are a must. Remember you will be on your feet all day, and night.  I personally like to grab some gels for my shoes as wearing dress shoes all day can be very tiring.

IIFA is a massive awards show that brings thousands of Stars as well as tourist to Toronto.  So get out there and enjoy the festivities. Just remember these tips for catching your favorite Bollywood Star, and I will see you on the green carpet.





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