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Since the iPhone 4 release people having been taking pictures as well as making films on this small handy camera.  Adding in small applications such has Instagram and Camera + , that contain various filters and effects, provides you with a a great small portable camera. Plus the ability to upload to all your social networks immediately such as Facebook , Twitter , Flickr. The iPhone 4 has been dominating the web with pictures and films of all sorts. Even I have used to shoot a small short film. Check it out here.

The only thing wrong that seems to be missing from the iPhone 4 ‘ s camera is the ability to use interchangeable lenses to get bigger zooms, and shallower depth of fields.  Well introducincing the iPhone SLR Mount. Thats’ right …. SLR lens mount for your iPhone.\

The iPhone SLR Mount allows you to Mount your Canon or Nikon lenses to your iPhone to gained manual focus and that coveted shallow depth of field. Although this does seem like a great idea at first… personally I think if you can carry your iPhone and all your SLR lenses, then you must have room for DSLR body.


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