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It’s a heat alert in the city of Toronto, that means many of us will spending a great deal of time shooting indoors or even sitting in our nice AC edit suites. scheduling is important based on weather. For instance I will be heavy into post production this Thursday, because I really don’t want to be outside in 47 degree weather.  There are some other alternatives to keep yourself occupied in this hot and lazy weather.

A great way to stay cool and beat the heat is to grab an ice cold drink and catch up on some great films posted on various online sites such as Vimeo, Exposure Room, and even YouTube.

Vimeo has to be by far my favorite as a large portion of he film making community has taken to this site. Here you can see various independent films, that normally do not have the funds or have yet picked up a distributor.  This is a great way to either share your own films or get engaged with others in the film making community.

Films posted come in a wide range of subjects from dramas to experimental and one of my favorites’  subjects cars.

Below are just a few of my favorite pieces I have seen on Vimeo. Do your self a favour take a look and enjoy.

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