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Shooting films in midday is not really a great idea. The harsh sunlight often blows subjects out or leaves your entire image looks flat, and uninteresting. However, often due to time constrains we have to shoot in midday sunlight, and here are some tips I have used to get the most of the situation.



Using the lowest possible setting with ISO is a very good idea. Basically ISO controls how sensitive your camera is to light. the higher the number such as 3200 the more sensitive to light it becomes. Selecting at least an ISO of 100 will help keep your images from completely blowing out.




F-Stops are a great way to light. I always underexpose in bright midday sun by at least 1 full stop. By keeping any eye on your light meter and stopping down an extra f-stop,this helps ensure you get all the detail in a shot. Then later you can always color grade the shot in post. This will also prevent any overexposure of your subject.




Using a bounce or a reflector or even an everyday umbrella is a great way to either fill in or reduce the amount of light falling on your subject. Ideally we just move into a shadier spot, but that’s not always the case. Thus using an umbrella is a great way to provide instant shade to reduce the harshness of the direct sunlight.

These are some tips I use for shooting in the harshness of the midday sun. Of course  I try to avoid shooting in the midday sun at all, as it is not very faltering to images I wish to convey. However If time is of the essence I hope these tips help. I am sure there are many more tips missed out on, such as filters. Feel free to suggest some of your own.


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