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As the new fall school year fast approaches, many students have been asking me about  which laptops within their price range would be great for post-production and film-making.  There seems to be some confusion about weather it is better to get a faster laptop or more fully featured laptop.

When working in film making and post-production actually both can be equally important.  What do I mean by this? Well simply put If you purchase a slower PC, but features the faster USB 3.0 connection or even Intel’s new Thunderbolt technology… You may be able to connect to faster raids for editingHD footage, however the trade off would be slower performance at the core, which leads to longer render and transcoding times.

If possible you are always better off spending a more on a fully featured laptop with an Intel i5 or i7 chipset. Also a PC or Mac with either USB 3.0, FW800 or even the latest connection Thunderbolt. I personally also prefer a laptop with an Express-card Slot as I often work with Sony’s SxS XDCam footage. Not only will this make your school year easier to work with, but the laptop will also last you much longer as opposed to the 299 PC’s of ten advertised.



Both my PC and Mac are Intel i7’s which makes them blazingly fast to edit with either at home on in the field. They also both contain either USB 3.0 or thunderbolt.  Which makes hooking them up to external raids for editing quick and easy. They both include Express-card slots as well, which makes them both perfect for working with XDCam footage.

So basically what I am trying ot say to get caught up on all the extended features so much, as fancy cases, or the lure of the 299 PC. Concentrate more on how you will be using this laptop for fil school and make sure you have the fastest available chipsets, and connections. Everything else is gravy.

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