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Tiff is begins this week and so does the hectic schedule.  Tiff in many ways reminds me of my trip to NAB. It’s extremely busy and yet a lot of fun.  During this hectic times it can be difficult to keep up with the latest news in production and post-production.  That’s why I usually resort to my favorite sites for news, to keep up with the latest offerings and tech tips.

The first site an obvious with a wealth of knowledge of the latest gear and technology within the post-production world.  The Art of the Guillotine was et up with goal to build a unique online community that connects film editors and film academics worldwide. They provide a resource for techniques, tricks and tips available to everyone. Everyone can add to the site and everyone can experience the shared knowledge of its visitors.

When comes to production there are so many go to sites for keeping up with the latest news.  However a great resource for news is Fresh Dv. They cover all the news from Cinegear to NAB.  They have a wealth of knowledge for production. From camera differences between Us specs to Euro specs, to the latest offering from all the manufactures.


Between these two sites I am bale to keep up with various news regarding production and post-production. They both also provide you with great tips and advice.


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