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Today Avid annoucned new versions of Avid NewsVison and Avid ISIS 7000 at IBC.  The NewsVision turnkey solution is easy to implement for local and regional HD news production. It  features including Avid AirSpeed Multi Stream video server, ISIS 5000 shared storage system, and a choice of NewsCutter or Media Composer editing tools. The latest release of NewsVision provides several options for customers to expand their workflow.

ISIS 7000 2.4 is an industry-leading solution for  high-performance real-time shared storage. Version 2.4 expands storage capacity and increases performance. The latest release expands total storage capacity by more than 60% by increasing the supported ISIS Engine count from 12 to 20.

NewsVision Enhancements

The latest release of the NewsVision solution doubles storage capacity to 32TB, which allows for up to 875 hours of storage (50 Mbps media).  Several option kits are available for improved efficiency and open workflow at an affordable cost, including:

  • Video Server: Provides an additional AirSpeed Multi Stream video server for redundant playout or for customers who require more than four I/O channels.
  • Playout Automation: Offers iNEWS® Command for automated news, video, and graphics playout and NRCS integration.
  • Newsroom Computer System: Delivers iNEWS NRCS capabilities with 20 iNEWS journalist clients.
  • Asset Management: Provides Interplay® Production asset management, including
    10 Interplay Access or Interplay Assist seats.


ISIS 7000 v2.4 Shared Storage Enhancements

ISIS 7000 v2.4 expands storage capacity and aggregate performance to meet the growing media demands of media enterprises.  It provides more than 60% capacity and overall bandwidth increase for the largest, most demanding workflows, consistent performance regardless of the number of clients, and the highest availability with no active single point of failure. ISIS 7000 2.4 supports the Avid Interplay Production and Media Asset Management systems as well as Avid Media Composer andNewsCutter Nitris® DX products. It also supports Pro Tools®, AirSpeed, AirSpeed Multi Stream, and Apple Final Cut Pro.

Specific features include:

  • Unmatched resiliency features: An increase in supported ISIS Engines from 12 to 20 delivers up to 640TB raw capacity and 320TB ISIS Mirror-protected high performance storage for a 24×7 operation.
  • Unrivalled aggregate system throughput: Increases to 8 GB per second.
  • Gold Disk Certification: Meets the requirements for network attached devices at certain US Government agencies.
  • Greater flexibility: Qualifies Final Cut Pro 7 clients for, integrated, open workflow

Availability and Pricing

NewsVision and ISIS 7000 2.4 are currently available worldwide through Avid sales and qualified resellers. Pricing for NewsVision starts at USD $129,995. These option kits are only available to customers who are purchasing NewsVision, or who have ordered NewsVision within the last 90 calendar days. For more information, go to Pricing for ISIS 7000 2.4 starts at USD $129,995.  For more information about ISIS 7000 2.4, go to

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