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The film community has embraced the concept of online video sharing sites such as YouTube, and Vimeo. Many independent filmmakers are using these as an outlet to get their films viewed and in some cases by even larger audiences. Some filmmakers have even gone to VOD ( video on demand) and promote their films via word of mouth and social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

Recently Kevin Smith has taken his latest indie horror film Red State. Kevin Smith has decided to self-distubute the film instead of turning to larger studios. Red State can currently be seen in the United States on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and even on Androird for $9.99. The film has enjoyed a great deal of buzz from the twitter community.  While you may think  Kevin Smith is just an exception you would be wrong. Major Hollywood stuidos like Warner Brothers are also taking notice.

Recently director  Kevin Tancharoen recently put together a small short, he used to pitch  to Warner Brothers who currently held the rights to Mortal Kombat. Tacharoen directed a short film in the way he visioned the franchise could be re-viatlized. The short film known as Mortal Kombat Re-Birth went viral across YouTube and gained much attention.

Kevin Tacharoen did not receive the funds or authority to make the new Mortal Kombat film to many of the fans dismay. But Warner Brothers did give him the green light to create a web series for YouTube.   He was also able to wrangle in such actors as Michael Jai White, and Jeri Ryan. You can check out the first episode below.

What does this all mean? Well it’s seems that content is still king, even though we are transitioning into a world of streaming video, and video on demand. We will most likely see more and more large studio productions, and independent films being more widely available as  our distribution methods changes to digital.


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