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They say curiosity killed the cat, well I have a different perspective. I believe there are no stupid questions just stupid answers.What do I mean by this? Well If some genuinely needs help or just or just does not know the ins and outs, we must try our best to answer and explain the issues to them. Not everyone has the same experience and knowledge as you do.

As many of you know I also run Tej’s Tech Blog on On daily basis I receive questions from students and seasoned editors about tech related problems they are having. I try my best to respond them in a timely manner. Some questions come in through other means by email , phone , and my social avenues such as Twitter.


Helping others is something I enjoy doing,  whether they are my students from my workshops, or up and coming editors, or even seasoned vets. I enjoy helping others get past the technical difficulties so they can concentrate on the creative process.

Over the years I have had all sorts of questions come my way, and not one have I thought was stupid. Curiosity is a great gift as it gives this thirst for knowledge, I myself continue to challenge and ask questions about technology and various workflows. The technology constantly changes our workflows, thus more questions arise.

Curiosity is a great way to keep on on the edge constantly learning and adapting new skills.  The worst thing you can do is not ask question while a deadline approaches. Too may times have I gone in to check on another editor, to realize they have been staring blankly at the screen. This is  because they did not a certain software such as After Effects, or how to even resolve the issue they are having.  This not only wastes an entire day, money, but also can give you a bad name.  All of that time, money, and reputation could have been saved by simply asking for help.


Therefore when in doubt…  ASK!


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