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It seems there are number of sites that are using new comment systems from Disqus to Facebook, to IntenseDebate.  These new systems are replacing the standard comment system built into WordPress, tumblr, and other platforms.  They all help to reduce spam, and facilitate better comments and conversation. One of these that caught my attention is called Livefyre.


Livefyre commenting system is different from the others mentioned above as it’s more focussed on social integration. Livefyre uses a live comment stream allowing people to “follow” a conversation on various topics/posts. A very nice feature.

Livefyre supports logins for Twitter, Facebook, Google, Linkedin, and OpenID. If you choose not to use any of these social logins, there is always the choice for a Livefyre account.  Livefyre also allows you to tag other people in a comment similar to Twitter. This is a great feature.




Livefyre Features


  • Great Tech Support
  • Support for logins options such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, OpenID, and Livefyre.
  • Mobile Commenting
  • Moderation ( banning users or deleting comments right on the blog)
  • Tagging People in comments.
  • Comment sync (so you can revert back)


A really great feature is the comment sync. Livefyre  syncs  the comments from your site’s database, and it leaves the original comments intact on your database. This basically means that if what ever reason,  you decide to remove Livefyre and revert back to stock WordPress commenting system … you can do so  without loosing all your comments. This is fantastic, something that is not supported by other commenting systems.

Installing Livefyre was a breeze.  Although I had some technical glitches due to the unique conditions my site runs on. Livefyre’s tech support was there, hard at work to help make it happen. Actually I was amazed at the Livefyre’s fast and responsive tech support. They were simply outstanding, and as we all know a great tech support important to any website’s stability. Special thanks to Jeremy Hicks and the entire team for helping me get Livefyre up and running.

Now that Livefyre has been implemented on my site, and  I  have given you my thoughts on Livefyre’s commenting system.  Tell me what you think?  I would love to get some feedback.

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