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Thanksgiving weekend is fast approaching here in Canada, and this got me thinking about the way I work with today’s technology. I am thankful for how technology has not only changed the way we work, but has created new trends, simplified tasks, and made working with others easier than ever.  Well here are couple of things, I am thankful technology as introduced.


When I think back to the early days of post-production, I am amazed how much technology has changed the landscape. Editors have moved from cutting on flat beds with film, to cutting in very large rooms with tape to tape, to finally being able to edit on a  desktop or laptop in glorious HD. Not only has this sped up the process, but it has made us more efficient and accurate. Anyone who has ever cut tape to tape, knows exactly what I mean here.  (VHS I am glad you are gone)



Social Media

Social Media has been one of the greatest things to be implemented everywhere. It has allowed us to share photos and stories via Facebook with friends and family. Social Media has also help network and breakdown barriers of distance and language. Twitter has been a catalyst in breaking down these barriers, as all of sudden ideas and concepts are shared instantly around the world.  Editors often join together in the weekly discussions such as Post Chat to discuss new concepts, trends, ideas,  and help one another.

Twitter has also made the world a smaller place as we can now communicate with producers and directors in other countries and get feedback, or even work on films hundreds of miles away.  How you may ask do we get the footage? Well to keep it short one word. FedEx. (Thankfully).

These are just a couple of things I am thankful for technology.  What are some of things you are thankful when it come to technology? Where has technology benefited your life or career? Let me know down below.


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