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Often as filmmakers and editors we are tied to our edit suites into the wee hours in the morning. Only to emerge from our caves for a quick coffee, or to collect ourselves in order to gain insight on the scene we are working on. But what if we need help from the community or have questions regarding technology?  Where do we turn too? Well connecting with others has changed since the flatbed driven by technology.

Connecting with others within our field or even outside or field has never been easier than it is now. Thanks to some great innovations such as Twitter. Twitter allows us to connect to other editors, directors and producers, to get feedback, tips, or even a new position. IT has made the world a smaller place. It has allowed me to work with Directors from Vancouver, to Los Angles, to London, to Sydney,  all without ever leaving Toronto. Well Thanks to Twitter and FedEx.  Between the two of them I have been able to connect with all kinds of people in the world. This has helped advance my skills, and allowed me to give back to others.

Technology seems to merging these to aspects together into something called live streaming. Live Streaming allows you to be sitting anywhere in the world and connect with other of your peers half way around the world. This also can provide you with an opportunity to ask questions via a chat panel. This is a fantastic way to connect with other filmmakers and editors.

One of the largest community for editors  on AOTG is beta testing such an event with the CCE.  It will be a single camera set up covering the panel and can be viewed at this web address. Everyone is allowed to submit questions via the live chat or twitter either by #aotglive or #ccelive during the question period.

This panel consists of  Jane Tattersall, Mark Gingras, Jill Purdy, Steve Foster, David Hayman and Michael Doherty, C.C.E. will all be on hand to discuss the craft of sound editing, the process, the relationships; moderated by Stephen Barden.

These are some great ways to use technology to connect, learn and help with others.  It really has become a small world after all.

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