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Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year.  It a time to let your creative mind go absolutely crazy with ideas to entertain and scare your friends with. I personally enjoy some time in front of the couch watching some of my old horror films. It’s amazing to watch films I had created back in high school, or even University.  Creating effects and tone on a minimal budget was great fun. However in this modern age a fast computer with it’s technology can help you push your own films even further, with just a little time spent on post production.  So here I share with you two my favorite pieces of software for creating a spooky effect.

After Effects

It goes with out saying After Effects has to be one of my favorites. It really is a powerhouse piece of software, and can help you achieve virtually almost any look.  For those of you with little to no experience in After effects, there are plenty of online tutorials online including those from Adobe and myself.

Magic Bullet Looks

Now this plugin is fantastic. It come equipped with “look presets” that allow you to select various film looks to help set the tone. It simple to use interface, makes it easy for almost anyone to get started on making your horror film come to life. Simple toggle through the effects pallet to get your desired look. You can even create your own custom look.

These two pieces of software plus a powerful PC helps to unleash your creativity. They can help you create a hollywood like look, and tone to your own films. The only real limitation is your own imagination and time.

If you have other plugins you like to use feel free to share them down below. Let me know what you like to use.


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