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People often look at films and videos as form of entertainment. However films are often used to communicate and connect with others. Directors often use film to covey their own personal ideas or themes. Films can resonate with the audience on an emotional level, that we  can then share with others. Even controversial topics often bring people together on either side of topic. I believe this one of the reasons  we love to watch films as it brings us  all closer together.

Blogging may be old hat when compared to what is now known as Vlogging. Vlogging is creating a blog using a video camera. Basically you speak your thoughts directly into the video camera. Then post on YouTube to share with others to get feedback and connect with others. People will often reply with a video of their own. This has become a very popular way to connect to your audience and with other people who share your ideas.

I recently started recording my own vlog as a message to my children when they grow up. They can hear about how proud I am about their early accomplishments, or how they made me laugh, or just some random thoughts I wanted to share with them. This is a great way to communicate with them in the future.  Similar to a time machine but with out the flux capacitor. When they get older they can see this vlog of my early thoughts. This is great because it is nearly impossible to remember everything to share with them at a later date, from Halloween to Christmas. Video can provide me with the tool to share some great moments with them, although by the time they can see it everything will be 3D, not HD.


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