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The holiday season is fast approaching.  Now is the time we all start thinking or shopping for gifts. What do get for that budding editor or videographer in the family? Well the answer might just be the ioSafe Solo Pro.

I recently I took the ioSafe Solo drive through a rigorous durability test.  The ioSafe is able to withstand fire and water. It is similar to the black boxes designed for aircraft, protecting data up to 1550°F for 1/2 hour in a fire, or against flooding in up to 10ft of water for 72 hours. If the unfortunate happens, the ioSafe Data Recovery Service is there to help restore your disaster exposed data and hardware, no matter the circumstance.

The ioSafe Solo Pro supports USB 3.0 and E-Sata for really fast transfer speeds and comes equipped with ann extremely durable housing that comes in 1TB, 1.5TB, 2TB, 3TB capacities. It is also MAC and PC compatible.

If your curious to see if how durable the  ioSafe Solo Pro really is? Check out the video below where I actually flood the drive containing various footage, edit projects and images.  Was I able to recover the data?

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