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AOTG has released a new mobile app for the iPhone and iPad.  Now it’s possible to get all your news about post-production on your iOS devices. The AOTG app supports push notifications, as well as videos from the Canadian Cinema Editors, and Australian Screen Editors. The app also supports location services providing you with the ability to find pos-prduction events globally.

I have been using this app for some time , and the push notifications work fanstaic. Also I was able to view video and use the location services to view editing events. The app is a huge upgrade form the previous version.   Reading various articles and blogs such as the Edit Decsion List and my own Tej’s Tech Blog,  has never been easier. The interface is elegant and easy to use.  If you are an editor  and have an iOS device download the AOTG app, you wont be disappointed !

Click here to download.




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