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Last week I discussed buying the current (outdated) MacPro Tower vs PC Tower HP Z800. It brought up many questions and I got a lot of great feedback from everyone. Some of these questions were directed towards production. Should I buy a camera now or later?  Should I buy the current Canon 5DMKII or wait for the Canon 5DMKIII which has yet to even be announced?

The Canon 5DMKII has to be simply one of the best cameras I have ever had the pleasure of owning. It has a beautiful large sensor with amazing capabilities in low light. It take fantastic stunning stills as well as great video images.

Recently the Canon 5DMKII has had it’s price slashed. This camera was near 3 thousand for the body just a few short moths ago and can now be had for a mere 2200 and change. Plus may retailers are offering even more rebates on top of that ranging from $400-$ 500 depending on the your purchase kit.  Why you might ask is the price falling? Thats because Canon is getting ready to release a newer Canon 5DMKIII.

Canon has yet to announce the new flagship model or hint at nay pricing as of yet. We don’t even know what features have been upgraded if any at all.  Rumors claim the 5DMKIII will have a 30mp, and DIGIC 5+ processor for improved ISO performance. There is a lot of anticipation ever since Canon announced the EOS 1DX  and the latest  professional video offering the Canon C300.

Knowing all this should you buy the 5DMKII or wait for MKIII? Well if you want to work or purchase a great gift for someone over the holidays. Getting the impressive Canon 5DMKII  now is an amazing deal. With rebates and slashed prices it is a fantastic camera to purchase that anyone would be happy to own. Unless you have to absolutely have the latest and the greatest.

The Canon 5DMKIII will most likely not arrive until Spring of 2012, as Canon will wait until people recuperate from the holiday season shopping. I mean who really has funds in January for a large purchase after Christmas and Boxing Day?

If you are looking for a great still camera that shoot amazing video as well, you simply can’t go wrong with the current Canon 5DMKII. Unless Canon announces the 5DMKIII shoots 2K video with 50mp and 30min record times. Somehow I doubt they would undercut their own video market.

So What have you decided? Buy the Canon 5DMKII now or wait for Canon to announce the 5DMKIII?



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