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Now that the holidays are here and we are spending more time with family and loved ones.  Technology has become a large part of the holiday season. Many of us will sharing some of our greatest moments with technology. So I thought I would share with you some pieces of technology I will be using to share some of my holiday moments with friends and family.


Smart Phones

With more powerful smart phones, and higher picture and video capabilities. Many of us will be using these to share with our friends and loved ones this season.  However there are 2 apps that stand out for me in for helping share those moments.

The first is Instagram for the iPhone with its easy to use interface. The app makes sharing pictures on Twitter and Facebook or any where on the web, easy and beautiful.  A great way to reach out others during the holiday season, and it’s free. Apple has named it one the best apps of the year.

The second is Splice. This app allows me to edit the videos I make on the iPhone quickly and easy. It’s also a free app that allows you to add transitions, titles, and minor effects to your videos, all on your iPhone.




This season we will also be sitting down in front of the television to share some of our favorite holiday videos and pictures. this year it will be even easier to share some of these moments thanks to Intel’s Widi.

Widi will allow you to share virtually any media from your laptop to you big screen TV wirelessly. This is a great way to view pictures and videos of the kids and share them with the rest of the family.

These are just few ways I shall be using technology over the holidays to enrich and share with my family and friends. How will you be using technology over the holidays? Let me know.


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