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FCPX has recently been updated since my review of FCPX. We are also now seeing supports for 3 party plugins into FCPX.

Noise Industry has released a new plugin for FCPX.  They are well known for producing great plugins such as FXFactory Pro and StereoTool box 3D.  This time they have released a new plugin for creating various color looks, and grading called Yanobox Moods.

Moods can be used in Apple’s FCPX, Motion, and Adobe After Effects. Moods comes bundled with over 30 different presets. These vary from bluish tones, to a dark purple mood.  They are easily applied within FCPX by simply dragging and droping or scrubbing over the effect to get a preview of the mood.


The interface is quiet intuitive, as it’s simple interface makes it easy to adjust any one of the presets, or create your own mood with the use of the color wheels.

Color grading gives you primary control over various features. Moods gives you control over Destauraion, 3 way Color Balance, Exposure, and Gamma.  It also has a great feature known as Wash Shadow. This allows you to blend shadows with pure colors to create vintage looks.

To many who are new to color grading or simply have not done it before. Moods provides you with an option to turn on a “ Help Card” . This feature tuns on a few more circles that basically explain the functions of each color wheel. This is a nice feature to help with the grading process as it can be easy to forget which wheel is which.

Grading with Moods is as simple as dragging the pointer within each wheel across the canvas to achieve your desired look.  If you prefer more precise control, you can make adjustment down to a single pixel by using the X & Y sliders, or simple typing the number within the Effects pane.

If you wish to see how your changes effected the look of your film. There is a wipe slider that allows you slide back and forth on the canvas to see the before and after. This is great as we all know FCPX now only as 1 canvas. Moods wipe make it easy to check the progression of my color grade.

Moods is a great plugin for FCPX, Motion, and After Effects. It’s intuitive UI allows you to either quickly change from various presets, or create your own custom mood in minutes.   Moods also offers a free trial, that will give you all the functionality , however  it will watermark your work. Just remember to download FXFactory  to get the full benefits.

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