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Singular Software is very famous for their audio and video syncing application for Final Cut Pro 7 known as PluralEyes. Their program had quickly become almost a standard installation on most FCP edit suites. Now that FCPX has made it’s debut, Singular Software has also updated PluralEyes to support FCPX.

PluralEyes for FCPX supports dual system audio, and multi-cam projects. Installation was incredibly easy, with no hiccups. PluralEyes for FCPX is a standalone application that works with the use of XML. This means it would be best to have the latest version of FCPX running to make the most out of PluralEyes.

In this case I chose to use a single camera and a separate audio track to better show you how this application works. First you need to layout all your video clips and audio clips into a storyline. I like to have this in chronological order to make things more easier to maintain. Then once you have it all set up, simply export an XML file of your storyline.

Once you have your exported XML file, the next step is to simply import the file into PluralEyes. The software also provides you with several options for adjustments. These include features such as “ level audio”  and “replace audio” and “ enable multiprocessing” for faster results. Replace Audio is great for getting rid of the camera audio from your DSLR for instance, and replacing it with the high quality audio from your recorder like the Zoom or Tascam. This is a huge timesaver!  Once you have set the desired options, simply hit sync and watch PluralEyes go to work.

Before jumping back into FCPX, you will notice that PluralEyes creates a new folder with a log of results, and an XML file for reference. This is a great feature, especially if have tons of clips that need to be synced. Now if something were to go wrong, you have a reference to help track down the issue. This folder along with the XML you exported can also be sent to Singular Software’s support team in case you run into other issues.

When you do jump back in FCPX, you will notice that PluralEyes has created a copy of the original project. This new copy has all of your clips but now they are synced together. It is also marked the project as “synced” , and created a new Event for easier navigation.

By clicking on the new Event you can see PluralEyes has created new compound clips that can be added to your storyline. It has also replaced the camera audio with your high quality audio from the recorder.

Singular Software has done it a again with a fantastic support for FCPX. PluralEyes for FCPX is fast, and efficient. The use of multiprocessing really helps speed up the process, especially when time is of the essence. Plus with features like  “replace audio” and multi-cam support, you begin to see the true befits of PluralEyes is to any FCPX editor.

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