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A couple of weeks ago I reviewed a plugin for FCPX  known as Yanobox Moods. This week I have another review  for FCPX designed by Industrial Revolution and is known as called XEffects Tech. This plugin comes within the mainFXFactory installer from Noise Industries.

XEffects Tech is a plugin that comes packed with 28 different transition effects. It’s main purpose is to create hi-tech sophisticated transitions for broadcast, corporate, or music videos.  Some of the transitions included would easily take much longer to build on their own with several video tracks and key framing. XEffects Tech makes all of this easier to create with a simply drag and drop on to the timeline.


XEffects Tech harness the power of GPU processing within FCPX for faster renders and much better preview.  Each transitions is customizable from length, stroke, opacity, color, and other variables. It also allows you to feature temporal or retiming of video with the effect. This provides you with the necessary options to customize each transition to your project. I found this useful when trying to match a client’s color scheme for their image.


Industrial Revolution’s XEffects Tech is a great plugin for use on almost any project and with it’s enhanced GPU processing for faster previews and renders, it makes a great addition to FCPX.

XEffects Tech comes in at a low price of $49 for 28 transition effects. To get a better idea what these transitions look like check out the video below to see XEffects Tech in action.

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