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Since the announcement of the Apple iPad 3, I have been mulling over tablets and their use. This got me thinking about their pros, cons, and what other alternatives are available? Well after reading an article on engadget. I think I may have found my alternative choice. An Intel Ivy Bridge touchscreen Ultrabook.

That’s right a touchscreen laptop. This new device yet to be announced is basically a small thin Ultrabook with a touchscreen. This got me thinking why have a laptop and a separate tablet, when I could have both in one device. The Ultrabook would be considerable more powerful than a tablet.



  • 13” touchscreen 1600×900 pixels
  • 1.5 GHz Intel Ivy Bridge
  • USB 3.0
  • SD card slots
  • HDMI port

As you can see by early specs this seems like a great device. Another pro would be the ergonomics of a laptop for working long term. Typing out reports on a tablet could get exhausting. Now add in the touchscreen capabilities of a tablet, such as pinch and zoom, and you have a a great feature set here.

It is too early to say if I could even attempt to edit on it without getting my hands on one first. However, the addition of USB 3.0 and HDMI means at the very least I could use it for offlining footage. This seems very promising right now. I think I may hold off on Apple iPad3 and wait too see what Intel has in store for us. We may even get a sneak peak at NAB in just a few weeks.  I will be at NAB again this year, so hopefully I can get to see some of this technology up close and personal.

Check out the video below where you can see hands on with the Ultrabook.



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