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BlackMagic Design has recently announced the introduction of a brand new camera known as the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera. The camera was first introduced last week at NAB at the low price of $2995!!

The camera comes boasting a 13 stop Dynamic Range, interchangeable lenses, and a resolution of 2.5k . The images are captured to a 12-bit Raw file onto a SSD. In addition to Raw the camera will also record to Avid’s DNxHD and Apple Pro Res at 1080p. This means you can drop the footage into almost any workflow or NLE.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera uses standard connections. The Camera comes with  jack mic/line audio inputs for recording uncompressed audio, as well as 3 Gb/s SDI out for on set monitoring or for sending to live production switchers. Also included is 12V to 30V DC input for power and battery charging, 3.5mm headphone socket, LANC remote control and high speed Thunderbolt port for computer capture.

The camera also comes with the ability to add your own custom Metadata. This a nice feature  for logging file metadata directly into the camera to speed up the post production process. BlackMagic Cinema Camera allows you to enter information such as shot number, search tags, scene number, timecode.

The BlackMagic Cinema camera boast some fantastic features, however BlackMagic really makes this package complete by providing you with a copy of Resolve 9.0. This package deal means you can get the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera and Da Vinci Resolve 9.0 for a mere $2995. What an unbelievable deal!

Resolve 9.0  new user interface looks fantastic, stay tuned for a full review later on.

During the Press Conference at NAB , I was able to get my hands on the camera and  my initial impressions were quite good. The camera is built solid, and with it’s ability to add Canon lenses I already own is a great feature. The only downside I see is the lack of XLR inputs, but I shall wait until I can fully review the camera, before making any rash judgements.

I am really looking forward to fully testing out both the Cinema Camera and Resolve 9.0. It really seems BlackMagic Design filled a gap between production and post-production at a great price.



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