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SugarFX has released a new plugin for for FCPX known as Punchline. The plugin provides you with a collection of tittles and transitions elements that are broadcast ready . Punchline comes with a collection of 32 HD elements, that are all customizable and easy to adjust right within FCPX.

Crating titles using Punchline is really intuitive. Simple locate the desired effect from the Transition Browser, or Title Browser within FCPX, and then drag it to your timeline.  Each transition, or title has the ability to customize different parameters from Text, Color, Alignment, Crop, Opacity. and more.  This is incredible useful when trying color match a client’s color scheme and needs.


Some of the Transition Elements are fully capable of being edited directly from the timeline. Depending on the element you are using, Punchline may display numbered marks in the timeline that you can move along the timeline to change the content of some frames in your transition .

The duration of the title elements can be changed within, however because they have been designed to have the introduction of the title in a fixed behavior as well as the out-going behavior, FCPX will interpolate the middle of the animation to accommodate for the new longer or shorter duration . Punchline Tittles can also be moved across the timeline to any other position just like any other standard title.

Punchline’s ability to provide you with a broadcast quality elements that are fully customizable is a great addition to FCPX.  It’s feature set allows you to customize to your cliental needs. They have done a wonderful job creating a full featured plugin for FCPX. SugarFX‘s Punchline can be downloaded as a free trial or purchased for a mere $49.


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