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If you have not noticed by now, Adobe has released long anticipated CS6, packed with new tools, 64bit architectures, and blazing new speeds.  Many photographers and editors have been waiting for the new Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Premier Pro. Now that Adobe has delivered the goods and Intel has refreshed their processors to Ivy Bridge, many pros are wonder what to do with their old MacPro Towers? Where do we go?

Over the past few weeks I have been engaged with the community regarding this new transition. IN order to take advantage of the new features in Adobe CS6,  you must have a fast PC.  It seems like perfect time to upgrade some of our aging machines to Intel’s 3rd generation Ivy Bridge machines. However this means we are now looking at swapping operating systems since Apple has not given any indication on wither they plan to release a new MacPro Tower or not. There are also plenty of rumors abound that Apple also plans to discontinue the 17’ Macbook Pro. This means many pros will have to either continue running on older Macs and hold out for an Apple or switch to a PC to gain the benefits if Intel’s newer processors. Some fear waiting will only leave them out in the cold.

Many people and post-production houses are beginning to transition back to PC. Why? Well for one, Avid Media Composer and Adobe CS6 work on bot Mac and PC, and considering  Apple has not updated the MacPro Tower in some time, it only makes sense to stay competitive, and keep cliental happy.

Frustration seems to be a driving force here as many Pros begin to feel abandoned by Apple after the less than stellar reception to FCPX,  and the lack of hardware support. I for one have been taking a good look at other alternatives that support Intel’s Ivy Bridge, such as HP, Dell, and Alienware. I have even consider building my own machine to run Adobe CS6.

Now I know Adobe CS6 can run currently on my MacPro Tower, but after seeing it in action on a brand new PC running the latest greatest, you start to feel a little envious. That’s why I have started looking at a replacement for my first generation Intel i7 PC , and possibly even replacing my MacPro Tower. Why you may ask? Well simply put, I have clients, and they have deadlines that are now, not 6 months from now. I am simply can’t stand around waiting and hoping Apple releases something. I would love to have a Intel Ivy Bridge Mac , but right now PC is looking as a really good option, considering it does run both Avid and Adobe products.

In the end I guess it’s a matter of time, and money. Many editors who used to edit on Final Cut Pro 7 have jumped ship to either Avid or Adobe, both run well on PC, and thus in the process have dumped Apple all together. I know I am looking very hard at my situation and considering the same move. What about you? Are your going to wait for Apple to release an update possibly sometime this year? Or are you going to jump to PC and get some of that 3rd generation Intel Ivy Bridge power now?


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