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One of the most popular apps for mobile has been Instagram.  The ability to take photos  and add a few effects to create images you want to share across various social networks. This app works great, and I enjoy using this app. But what about video? Well there are 2 apps out there right now trying to become the next Instagram but incorporating video.  SocialCam and Viddy are both free apps for people looking to share their videos anywhere.


When you first jump into SocialCam it will ask you to sign up with either Twitter or Facebook in order to share your videos. Once signed up the application greats you with it’s own video tutorial on how the app works. SocialCam has a nice user interface with very easy to navigate menus. The app will also display featured / popular videos.

Once your in the app you can record a video of any duration, add various filters including themes with titles, and some basic music. This is a very nice feature. Once you have completed adding all your effects, you can easily share to Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can also tag your friends within the video. great for sharing with others.

There are a couple of down side to all this great stuff. The video quality appears to be lower, most likely so you can upload anywhere without the need for Wifi and to be able to support longer record times.  However, if you want to have your friends see the video on their mobile and they don’t have the app they get greeted with this image



Upon launching Viddy  you can see the user interface seems much more polished. It has the same login via Twitter or Facebook, so you can easily share to your favorite medium. Once set up, Viddy automatically pulls your profile picture and sets up your account. It also suggests friends and popular people that are currently on Viddy for you to follow, including the ever popular Justin Beiber.

Viddy allows you to record a video or chose one form your library. However, unlike it’s rival SocialCam the length of recording is limited to about 15 secs. Don’t let that deter you as this is a full fledged app.

Once you have completed your video you offered similar set of features, from choosing a thumbnail , to various filters and finally some music. The music seems like a better selection as they have some selects from Sony and Snoop Dogg.

After making all your editorial decisions its time to share. Hitting the share button actually takes you an encoding render bar, something I am familiar with.

After it has done it’s encoding you can then Title your video, add a brief description, tag others, and even add hashtags for those you on Twitter. Very useful.  Below the description is where you will find all the social media locations you can share with directly form the app. These include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Tumblr. The last 2 are not supported by SocialCam.

Sharing on Viddy seems a little less complicated, as the user does not necessarily need to have the app installed to see you short film. Also the quality of the video does appear to much better than  SocialCam. This must be the reason why they impose a duration, to keep file sizes smaller.


Final thoughts

Now which one is better? Well this is is simply answered by your needs. If you like to share long videos and can put a little less quality, then SocialCam is the your app. However if you want better quality video and can live with the short 15 sec duration, then Viddy is the app for you. Personally after using them both, I actually prefer Viddy, simply because I find the user interface to be more polished, and the selection of music is better adapting to my style. I am not put off the by the duration, as I don’t plan on uploading a massive video from my phone. That’s what my edit suite is for. Plus I really like the ability to embed my videos.

Which app do you use? Which one do you prefer ?



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