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Getting the most out of computer is essential these days. With the introduction of various technological advancements in cameras, pushing your computer to its limits is even more important.

For years the best way to get more out of pc was to add ram, or to hack the firmware on the chipset to over clock the processor to get more speed out of it. This technique was also, mainly reserved for the advanced pc user. On the flip side manufactures frowned upon over clocking as it would void your warranty and would push the chip beyond it’s “safe”zone., often causing them to over hear. However it’s a risk that many of us took in order to maximize time.

Fast forward to today and many manufactures have decided to embrace over clocking. They have introduced new simpler ways to get  some performance gains from your computer.  Manufactures have introduced their own over locking software that increases processor speed on the fly known such as Intel ‘s Turbo Boost technology.

Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology automatically detects the amount of workload required by the processor and adjust speeds to compensate. Not only does this increase your productivity, but also allows you to work efficiently with running the risk of over heating your processor and voiding your warranty.

It really seems many people are not aware of this ability. Too often I have seen people continue to work online application at a time, not really realizing that modern computers are capable of so much more. Programs like Intel’s Turbo Boost technology makes that kind of thinking archaic.

These kind of advances in processors also help us in post-production as they reduce the amount of render times,and have allowed us to start editing HD videos on our laptops. This means you can also get some sunshine when editing. Thus a real benefit both finically and physically.



Learn more about Intel’s Turbo Boost Technology on  Intel Canada’s Facebook page.

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