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Over the past few weeks I have had the opportunity to work with a new plugin for FCPX called Tokyo Split Animator. This plugin is designed to work within FCPX providing you with a set of nineteen templates that go beyond your typical static split screen transitions and containers.  It allows you to create simple composites or complicated animations featuring multiple clips.




It uses a easy to navigate menu system that allows you to control virtually every aspect of the edit. SImply dragging the desired effect on to a clip, will automatically add the effect and create an alpha channel for you.  If you need to adjust different variables such as Arrive Direction, Depart Direction, X & Y axis, it can all be done within the menu. Plus there are added features that allow you to control Border color, fades and many more. This gives you a large variety options to customize to your project.


Right now you are thinking this looks great a simple yet effective plugin. But wait it gets better,  you can also control the video within the containers, by adjusting their size and positioning, without the headache of keyframes all that those animations. This can all be done a few seconds rather than mins to what  can some times feels like decades when key framing.


Tokyo Split  Animator is really designed to save you time while creating wonderful professional looking animations for your projects. Plus, as I mentioned earlier all these animations can be done without having to keyframe them, or jump into After Effects to create alphas channels. Tokyo Split Animator is a well thought out addition to FCPX, and something I have and will be using on upcoming projects with various clients. Great Job!

Be sure to try it out yourself. You can download the trial Tokyo Split Animator here 

If you would like to see some hands on examples of the Tokyo Split Animator in action  Check out the videos below provided by Noise Industries

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