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Halloween is just around corner, and what better time to talk about what scares editors the most. Editors from around the world all have nightmares but they all differ. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share with you some of my own fears while working in the edit suite. Please note these situations actually happened, parental discretion is advised.


Nightmare 1


You are busy working away on an edit, and then all of sudden little gremlins show up and crash your system. This is enough to put the scare into anyone.  But most of us have learned to save sooner rather than later. But wait the gremlins are not done yet… When you restart you realize all you media has gone offline, and you cant seem to get it back.



This has happened to be on more the one occasion. The worst situation occurred while having my director and producer in the edit suite with me. All I could feel was their glaring eyes burning into the back of me.


Nightmare 2


I once walked into an edit suite to work on project that another editor had left.  I sat down in front of the Avid and After Effects, and was all of sudden frozen with fear. The previous editor had not labeled a thing. There were untitled bins, sequences, projects, and even layers. The edit was a disaster, it would take me days to sort through all of this to figure what in world was going on. The worst part was having to explain to the producer that needed to budget for extra days, as I cleaned up the suite.  Needless to say that ddi not go over well.



These are just 2 of my nightmares from the edit suite. I have plenty more, but that would change the rating of this article to R, and I wanted to to keep it as PG as possible. What are some of your fears or nightmares while working in production, or  post-production ?



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