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It has finally released the long anticipated  Microsoft’s Windows 8.  It has a drastic redesign that is exciting many people, and also has the potential to increase PC sales. Windows 8 represents a fundamental shift in the way Microsoft traditional Windows works.  The UI has been re-vamped completely to support touch screen navigation, and traditional applications such as Mail, and Office all have sleek interface. What does this mean to us in the post-production industry ?


Touch Screen Navigation

With Windows 8, many PC are releasing new laptops with touch screen capabilities, or a  a touch pad can be purchased as an accessory.  This opens up the Windows system for applications to support the touch surface for many tools. Imagine being able to edit completely on an NLE of your choice but using a touch screen. Plus imagine being able to use the Microsoft’s tablets to complete rough cuts or even sign in form the road. Minority Report anyone?



Driver Issues

Drivers for all our beloved applications will no doubt either fail or have technical issues. This could be  an issue if yu are in the middle of working on a film. So be warned, only upgrade once the software manufactures like Avid, say it’s dafe to do so, or they release an updated driver.


Speed and Security

Along with this update comes more speed and much improved security over the old Windows 7. Speed is a great advantage as we all know time is money. Having better security means your latest film is lees likely to end up on YouTube. However all that speed does come at a cost.  A new PC is most likely what you need.  Many older PC’s wont be able to run Windows 8. Also to take full advantage of the new  OS, a faster more powerful processor would be needed like an Intel i7.

Final Thoughts

Windows 8 is here, and its a very exciting new OS. Over the next few weeks I will be testing and running Windows 8 and will documents my findings here. I will also be reviewing and documenting my experience with the new Ultrabook Convertibles. So stay tuned for that one!  To upgrade or not to upgrade that is the question!




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