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Ever wanted to make a slide for a presentation, but always found the programs to do so were wither not powerful enough or just overkill. Well this is were FotoMagico 4 fits in. This tool was designed by photographers for photographers, from the company known as Boinx Software.  FotoMagico 4 has the ability to add various formats from stills to Quicktime videos all into one timeline and easily share them.  The UI resembles other NLE systems which is a huge bonus, making jumping into the program a breeze.

After spending a few moments with FotoMagico 4 I was able to assemble a quick presentation in a matter of a few clicks. It is incredibly easy to do, there by making it a very powerful tool to use.  Upon launching the program you are even greeted with a short video tutorial on how the program works.

Setting up a project is as easy as selection a resolution that your slideshow will display on, from monitor to television to projector. It even provides you with the ability to customize your own canvas.

Simply dragging and dropping images as well as videos ( yes you can add quicktime videos! ) to your storyboard / timeline immediately gets you going. From there you can customize transitions, add borders, colors, and even add titles. Adding Titles that move across the screen is simply amazing. Gone are the days of key-framing that title. Simply add the title in the “ Start”  frame and then move it where you want it go in the “Finish” frame. FotoMagico 4 will do the rest. This saves a ton of time and effort, allowing me to focus primarily on the image and no on the moving title.


When Editing with videos or sound FotoMagico 4 provides you with plenty of tools needed to create with. There are options for waveforms, chapter markers and precise timing of your images.

Once you have all of your entire presentation completed and you are ready to share with the world, FotoMagico has plenty of options for you from Youtube , to iPad, to QuickTimes.

Exporting QuickTimes give you plenty of options from the size of the video to the actual frame rates. Plus FotoMagico 4 will also estimate the size of the completed project before you render it out.

FotoMagico 4 is quiet simply the best slideshow program I have used to date. It is a pleasure to use. The user interface is simple, intuitive, and very powerful. It helps produce slideshows in seconds what used to take me forever. This tool  was definitely created by photographers for photographers , because it absolutely excels where all else have failed.


Don’t believe me …. Download and try it for yourself here!


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