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I recently changed the look of this site to a completely new look. This fresh new look is cleaner and easier to navigate. The best part of it all is that it loads very nicely on mobile and tablet devices with out the need for a plug-in.  I had wanted to refresh the look of the site last year, but I could never really settled on how I wanted the new look to feel.

The old page did serve me well, providing me with the ability to share many articles all at one page. However, I always felt it was a little clustered, and based on readers feedback it was a little overwhelming.  I actually forgot to get a screen grab of the old site before changing over to this new look. But thanks to “Google Cache”  I was able to grab one from there.


Website's Look in 2012.

Website’s Look in 2012.


Now that the new look is up… What do you think ?

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